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The company develops all its activities on privately owned land of 17000m2. Materials processing is based in international standards and specifications. It is licensed with ISO 9001/14001 and in order to ensure the highest quality uses modern equipment as the following: Presopsalido 600 HP TAURUS, SHREDDER MEWA (EXTRUSION AL T.T processing), GRANULATOR MEWA (EXTRUSION ASCR processing), specific grinder series for cable processing, Tow trucks (steady and movable), metal Press, Trucks, AUTO decontamination unit, metal and radioactivity Analyst.

All these machines above are handled by experienced and qualified staff.

Iron Scrap Proccessing
Screader Granulator

The philosophy and the goal of our company is to establish a stable and perfectly acceptable quality based on world standards. The maintenance and improvement of the company name and the long-term partnerships with the steel industries and factories is our major priority.

Continued investments in machinery, experience and learning of our staff with the new demands of our job, are the basis for achieving our goals.