Sidmetal S.A

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Sidmetal S.A.

Scrap Metal / Exports

σκραπ μετάλλων

We are member of BIR since 1995. We export scrap since 1998 all over Europe and Asia. Our company tries to respond in the best way to its commitments to delivery time, quality and quantity of materials.

The materials which are received, processed and shipped to facilities in Thessaloniki, in order to be exported, are::

copper-scrap Copper Scrap
copper-granius-small Copper Granules
copper-tubes-small Copper Scrap Tubes
brass-honey-small Brass Honey
al-extrusions-small Aluminum Extrusion
tense-small Aluminum Tense
Taint-Tabor-small Taint/Tabor
UBC-small UBC
cable-small Aluminium Cable
al-granules-small Aluminium Granules
Wheels-small Wheels
lead_scrap_small Lead Scrap
Stainless-small Stainless Steel
talk-small Talk
Ocean-small Ocean
Electric-motors-small Electric Motors


These materials are collected from junkyards which are located in North Greece, factories producing various products (scrap, wastage), constructing companies, shipyards, public organization and there are also been imported from neighboring countries.

The materials, after being processed and separately being stored, are propelled to steel industry, factories in Europe and Asia.

Sidmetal S.A. undertakes quickly and responsibly the definitive deletion of your car from the tax authority and the Department of Communication at no extra charge.

We provide vehicle pickup from your place.