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Sidmetal S.A.

Raw Materials

πρώτες ύλες

Since 1992 the company imports from large factories all over Europe various brass products, and supplies factories for producing Water - Heating and ironmongery parts:

Brass rods ALLOY CuZn39Pb3 drawn EN 12164:01 CW614N
Diameter - Dimensions Φ8x3000mm – Φ60x3000mm
Hexagons S8x3000mm – S40x3000mm
Squares 10x10x3000mm – 40x40x3000mm

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PACKAGES OF 500 kgr & 1000 kgr

Brass rods HOT PRESSED ALLOY CuZn40Pb2 EYRO EN 12165:99 CW617N (DIN 50930-6)
Diameter - Dimensions Φ16x4000mm ­- Φ60x4000mm

PACKAGES OF 500 kgr & 1000 kgr

Alloy CuZn37 CuZn30
Diameters Φ6 mm – Φ80 mm
Dimensions 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm
Thickness 1mm – 4 mm

BR/R in Coils
Alloy CuZn40Pb2 – CuZn39Pb3
Diameters Φ4 mm – Φ8 mm
In rolls of 50 Kgr

Also perforated rods, sheets, tubes, wires, profiles, etc.

These materials are based on all European and international standards and DIN production and quality. Accompanied by all chemical and mechanical analyzes of production factories.

Sidmetal S.A. undertakes quickly and responsibly the definitive deletion of your car from the tax authority and the Department of Communication at no extra charge.

We provide vehicle pickup from your place.